Aspiring Feminist

Feminism may sound simple as a concept. Google search defines it as “advocacy of equal rights for women on the grounds of equality of both sexes”. Not only is this definition narrow, but it fails to capture the enormity of the concept, the role it plays in everyday life, and the struggles of those who ally with the movement to do justice to it.

As a product of the society that is extremely patriarchal, I struggle to keep my sexist thoughts and ideas in check everyday. I struggle to let go of simple prejudices that go unchecked because no one advocated against them when I was growing up. I struggle to do a lot of things without hesitation because they aren’t gender appropriate. Most of all, I struggle to explain privilege and patriarchy to those less informed than me because my understanding of them is far from complete.

And therefore, even though I ally with the feminist movement, and devote my time and energy propagating and strengthening it, of late, I hesitate to call myself a feminist. My battle with my socially constructed misogyny and socially normalised patriarchy will only let me be an Aspiring Feminist. This space is a means to be a better ally, and to spread the movement I believe in.